Furbearers have provided man with food and clothing since the beginning of time. Animal rights activists would have everyone believe that most of these animals are near extinction, which is a blatant lie. Most of the furbearers are found in higher numbers today (all across North America) than were here 200 years ago. They are a renewable resource. Sound wildlife management programs insure that they will always be here. Trappers who harvest the pelts of these animals are the primary group of people who help keep their numbers at a sustainable level which in turn helps prevent diseases such as mange and rabies from decimating animal populations.

All of the furbearer photos (unless otherwise noted) in this section were taken by the grand master of all wildlife photographers, Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III. We are truly grateful to him and his wife, Ursula, for allowing us to use these photographs. They are sponsors for this website and we encourage you to visit their website (www.ruewildlifephotos.com). Their photographs are beautiful when framed and hung on your wall. Information for selecting and ordering photos can be found on their website.

Many of the furbearers you see here are not just furbearers – some are classified as game animals also. Some are predators, some are not. As time permits we will provide a write up on each of the animals.