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1 – Mike Marsyada – Lure Maker, Author

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5 – Todd Troup – Broad Mountain Lures

6 – Paul Dobbins – Dobbins Products

7 – Jim & Judy Comstock – Comstock Custom Cage

8 – Rob Erickson – On Target ADC

9 – Jeff Dunnier – East Texas Wildlife Damage Control, Author

10 –John Cipala – Trapping Video Maker

11- Dana O’Gorman – Manufacturer Of Predator Control Products, O’Gorman Enterprises, Inc.

12- Craig O’Gorman – Professional Trapper, A.D.C. Agent and Instructor, O’Gorman Enterprises, Inc.

13 – Allen Sayre – Funke Trap Tags & Supplies

14 – Chuck Ames – Icotec Game Calls

15 – Leroy Reno – Juniata Trappers Supply