Mountain Man Era to Present

Trappers have been on earth since the beginning of time. In the beginning, they trapped animals for food and clothing. Later, they trapped for food, clothing and as a source of income (from the sale of pelts or furs). Today some trappers trap for recreation only, some trap for both recreation and as a means to supplement their income. There are still trappers operating today who make their entire living from trapping (or related activities). Some are fur trappers, some are animal damage control trappers and some do both. There will always be a need for trappers.  The Present Era extends from the end of the Mountain Era, about 1875, to today.

Meet these extraordinary trappers:

Rob Erickson

Rob Erickson, a perspective by Bob Noonan

Jackie Malone

Mike Marsyada

Tom Parr

Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III

Ardell Grawe

Bud Jenkins

Oscar Cronk Jr.

Russ Carman

Paul Grimshaw

Art Simmerman

Leo Hoeft

Charles Dobbins

Morris Fenner

Newt Sterling

Craig O’Gorman

Don Shumaker

Ray Milligan

Kenneth Peck

Linda Eanes

Joe Mast