About Us

The purpose and mission of the North American Trappers Historical Society is to preserve the history of trappers and trapping. This is a rich history indeed, filled with many brave, adventurous and colorful characters. Our goal is to record and save as much information as possible about these hardy individuals who have played a big part in shaping the very history of this continent from the earliest of times to the present. Some people love trappers, some hate them. Many folks curse trappers, many praise them. But the fact is, there will always be a need for trappers regardless of what anyone thinks.

This mission of ours is no small undertaking. It will require many hours, days and weeks of time doing research, compiling information and actually putting all of what we find on this website for all to read and enjoy. This is not a “for profit” venture, but we do hope to garner enough funds from sponsors to pay for the expenses that will be incurred. To our knowledge, there is no individual, business or organization that has even attempted to do what we are doing on such a grand scale. But if the history of trappers and trapping is to be preserved forever, then this must be done. We will certainly appreciate any and all support we can get.

There will be no membership fees or dues for this organization. The Society will in no way be politically motivated nor will it be controlled by board members or officers. What we (volunteers) create and compile will be truthful, historical information that will be put out there for any and everyone to enjoy. This site will contain information on all trappers, not just the more famous and well-known ones. We will also compile and archive information on all other things pertaining to trappers and trapping such as the histories of trap companies, the furbearers and animals that trappers pursue, the equipment that trappers use, the history of the fur trade (past and present) and the role that trappers play in wildlife conservation. We encourage all to share any information they have on these subjects with us.

The society will present “Hall of Fame” awards yearly to a few trappers who chose to make a profession of trapping. These recipients are chosen by a group of trappers across the continent who know who these people are and who truly deserves this honor. We believe that this award is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a trapper today. These awards are given to trappers who are still living.

We humbly ask that all trappers or those interested in trapping history help us make this very necessary and worthwhile venture successful. We ask that anyone who wishes to become a sponsor to contact us for further details, we need your support. And as mentioned previously, this is not a “for profit” business venture. We will not beg or hound anyone for financial gain or support.
Much of our history and heritage has already been lost simply because no one has taken the initiative to record all past and present information on trappers and trapping. As more and more older trappers pass on, even more history will be lost forever. Help us preserve trapping history!

Don Shumaker